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Hypnotherapy Certification Course

No prior education required!

Ø            Become a respected professional in a very gratifying occupation.     

Ø            Help people become their best.

Ø            Work from home part or full time.

Ø            You may practice anywhere.

Ø            No boss to answer to.

Ø            Use it to improve your own life.

Ø            You can start now for less than what a Caribbean vacation costs.

Ø            Your tax-deductible investment in your education can pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Opportunities in the field of Hypnotherapy are abundant.   

Hypnosis is utilized in: Hospitals to facilitate healing. Sports to maximize effectiveness. Performing Arts to enhance creativity. Stage Hypnosis for entertainment. Forensics to assist law enforcement. To help people overcome fears phobias and negative behavior as well as to enhance personal growth, sexual enrichment and zest for life.

Meet Our Graduates - What they say about the course

BreakThrough Institute & The National Guild of Hypnotists

Introducing an all new Hypnotherapy Certification course

In this One Hundred Hours of Hands-on, Fun Workshop, You Will Learn:

Ø      The fundamentals of Hypnosis

Ø      Myths & misconceptions about Hypnosis

Ø      Basic and advanced hypnotic inductions

Ø      Post hypnotic suggestions

Ø      Laws of the mind

Ø      Neuro-linguistic-programming for Hypnotist

Preliminary Suggestibility Tests: Chevreul’s Pendulum, Arms Rising and Falling, Hands Clasp Test and Postural Sway. Recognition and Classification of Subjects. Favorable and Unfavorable Influences and Dangers of Hypnosis. How to Hypnotize: Progressive Relaxation, Dr. Flowers Technique. Trance Depth. The Arons Scale: Eye Catalepsy, Arm Catalepsy, Number Block, Glove Analgesia, Positive Hallucination and Negative Hallucination. Suggestion Management. Rules for writing suggestions and affirmations. Self Hypnosis in 3 steps. Mechanical Aids. Post-Hypnotic Re-induction. Confussional Techniques. Hypermnesia. . Instant induction. Blackboard Induction. Waking Hypnosis. Introducing hypnosis to a client. Deepening Techniques. Pyramiding Suggestions. Brief history of hypnosis and hypnosis miscellany. Anesthesia Management. Applications of Hypnosis in Smoking Cessation. Weight Control and Stress Management. The Basic Behavioral Assessment and Goal Setting model. The Business of Hypnosis. Ethical and Legal Issues. Code of Ethics. Addendums: Understanding Psychology. Exploring the myths about hypnosis. The Mind-Body connection. Principles of Hypnotherapy. Glossary. Bibliography. History. What is Hypnosis. The first session with a client. Behavioral Assessment (B.A.S.I.C. Assessment Technique). Image Psychology and Hypnosis. Systematic Desensitization & Hypnosis (For Fears & Phobias). Hyperempiria Induction. Dr. Barber’s Mystical Induction Method. Ego Strengthening Suggestions. Sessions with a client (Outline). Self Hypnosis Course. Successful Practice. Automatic Writing. Age Regression. The Affect Bridge. Addendum: Transpersonal Psychology. Counseling Hypnotherapy. References.

Our comprehensive course materials include:

Two manuals, three videotapes, a cassette tape and pendulum. You will also receive TWO official training certificates

1) From the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the world’s largest professional organization for hypnotists. 

2) Certification from the BreakThrough Institute. Optional available a certification as Hypnotherapist from the American Board of Hypnotists.  Also included are: One-year membership in the NGH, free subscription to the quarterly magazine The Journal of Hypnotism and the newsletter Hypno-Gram. You also gain access to a vast library of video and audio tapes on every subject related to Hypnosis. FREE repeat course.


Because you are the type of a person who wants to either fine tune, or completely transform the results you are  getting  in  your  life. You are the one to make it  happen now.

WHEN: Consult our schedule

WHERE: Hunter College

             New York NY

HOW: Your tax-deductible investment in yourself is $1,637.00

             Save $100 when enrolling 21 days in advance  

             Bring a friend and enjoy an additional discount of $100!

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