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Our Graduates Picture Album

The Breakthrough Institute Inc.

Proudly Presents our Certified Hypnotists.
Graduates of March 2002

I am very grateful for being able to take this course with you personally.

You did your best and you gave all the resources and materials to move

 the course in a professional way

Rafael Guaba

Graduates of October 2002

The instructor was very dedicated and knowledgeable. The course was

thorough and practical. I learned not only about hypnosis but a lot about myself. How to improve my outlook on life as well as helping others better their lives.

Thomas Cunningham

Graduates of March 2003

I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. Nuff said!

Clifton Forman

I will refer anyone! It was well worth for me the year that I waited and saved up the money to take the course. Thanks a lot. Consider me a friend.

Ann Spreeman

Graduates of April 2004

Your incredibly detailed, step by step approach to hypnotherapy has been tremendous.

I am feeling very confident about putting my new skills to use.

Michael DeSharnais

Graduates of August 2004

This course exceeded my expectations and exposed falsehoods about hypnosis that I use to believed to be true. It made hypnosis accessible an realistic. I also feel that this hypnosis course has improved my life on the whole.

Adam Weissman

Graduates of October 2004

Zali is professional, dedicated, learned, erudite and engaging.

There was never a dull or uninteresting moment. In my opinion

the course content is all “Steak and no Sizzle”.

John Schild

Graduates of March 2005

I liked everything about this course. Zali has this ability to

explain things clearly. He has a great sense of humor.

I had great fun and I feel more confident

Annamarie Nemeth

Graduates of June 2005

Zali, I want to thank you so very much for the education you provided me in the seminar. I waited over 2 years to study with you.

It was worth the wait. I feel very confident that I will be able to provide

a special service to people, and that makes me feel very good.

I already had 1 client this  morning. I simply followed all you've taught me and it went very well.

There are miles more to go I guess in learning and honing skills, but you've given me the proper foundation and I thank you! Take care Zali and thank you once again!
Glenn Poveromo

Graduates of Nov. 2005

This was a comprehensive, thorough and practical course for both laymen and those who desire to practice professionally. There isn't a better course around.It was useful for business and marketing too.

David Gated

The course was very comprehensive. Hands-on practice. lots of videos. Material was presented in an accessible and entertaining way.

Norman Stevens 

Graduates of June 2006

This course was worth twice what I paid. The amount of knowledge I gained was astounding. The extensive hand-on exercises left me absolutely confident that I can practice hypnotherapy with great success.

Horace Nelson

Graduates of October 2006

The Seminar was interactive, which I liked because it kept me engaged.

Zali is extremely knowledgeable and shared his personal experiences as well as information.

Theresa Scott

Graduates of June 2007

The humbleness of my teacher makes me more determined to carry on what he taught me.

Regardless of the wealth of material the instructor listened to our issues (related and none related)

It taught me patience.

Laila Jameel Al Alawneh

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